Learn the Bagpipes or Drums.

The City of Cockburn Pipe Band welcomes anyone who has an interest in learning to play the Great Highland Bagpipe or drums. 


Is it difficult to learn the Highland Bagpipe?

In a lot of ways it is easier to learn than other instruments due to its limited number of notes. Typically it takes the average person a year to learn the basics and years to master the instrument. Like all instruments, it takes a lot of time, practice and patience but it can be very rewarding. 


What is required to start learning the bagpipe?

All you need is a practice chanter, a tutor book and an instructor. We can provide you with information on obtaining a chanter and also provide tuition. Practice for beginners is held Tuesday nights at the Cockburn Seniors Centre, Coleville Cres, Spearwood 6.30pm and Wednesday evenings at Mercedes College, Perth from 7.30pm.


What about learning the drums?

We also provide tuition for those wishing to learn the snare, bass or tenor drums. 

All you need is a practice pad and a pair of sticks. 

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